Planner Jizz


You guys.

If you don't like to read about any planner or stationary stuff, you might as well close this now and reevaluate your life because who doesn't like planner/stationary/craft shizz?? 

All last week I was so anxious to get my planner; like, why the hell was it taking so freaking long to ship?  I drove my husband crazy asking multiple times a day if he received any shipment confirmation and every time he answered "no, not yet", I got irrationally angry at him because I did not like his answer.

After a long week of nothing in my mail box, I left work early on Friday, dejected and sad so I went to Michaels to take advantage of their planner sale (25% off all planner stock).  I decided if the planner gods were going to torture me by witholding my planner for another week, I might as well stock up on stuff so that when I do get it, I can jump right into crafting/planner bonerisms.  On a side note, did you know that Michaels has really stepped up their planner game?  They used to only carry The Happy Planner stuff but now Recollections has a whole freaking 'planning made easy' line which is basically selling every prepackaged planner thing you could possibly need for a decent price. Throw in those coupons/sales and you've got yourself a pretty large pool of planning/craft stock.

But guess what?  when I got home, there was a package for me and it was my planner!! I immediately dropped everything and practically ran into the house screaming.  



The planner:

I ordered the personal size Kikki K Pause planner which measures (L) 7.5" x 5.75"(W).  This is a pretty significant change in size as compared to my Plum Planner.  The binder cover is real leather (very soft and supple), has a snap closure and the rings are tight (no gaps).  It came in a gorgeous box with a pretty stationary-patterned tissue wrap.

Kikki k2 Kikki k3 Planner InteriorIsn't the interior gorgeous?

What came with this planner:

  • monthly/meetings/notes inserts but the paper is shit quality that it's not even worth taking pictures and posting about them.
  • 1 "to do" pad and 1 "notes" pad.
  • really pretty dividers but they were too thin for my liking so they got a run through my laminator to toughen them up.  
  • extra tab labels in the same interior colour scheme (black, white or mint green).


How I customized it:

Youtube reviews revealed the monthly calendar spread is tiny AF and the paper is so thin you can blow your nose with them so I ordered some monthly calendars from a cute shop on Etsy.  Although they were pretty cheap in $USD, in hindsight, I should have just waited because converting to $CAD, it wasn't worth it since our dollar is so shit. It was also a pain in the ass to ship to Canada (seriously, why does everyone hate Canada so much?) so decided to fuck all that nonsense and DIY everything I need for my planner because ain't nobody got time to mess around and waste time when all you want to do is molest play with your planner and you can't because you're cock-blocked by stupid things like shipping ridiculousness.  Deciding to DIY this baby obviously meant dropping all other plans/obligations to head to the supply store(s) because priorities.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.36.07 AMthis is 100% true.


1) DIY Dashboard.

I really liked the "time to get things done" so I glued it onto some plain cardstock, glued another pattern on the back and put it through the laminator.  



The back: 


 I always use sticky notes so I stuck some here for quick access.


2) DIY Dividers. 

You need dividers with any planner to quickly access your information.  I only kept a couple of the dividers it came with (like the one above) and made the rest using card stock I had.  Making dividers means a lot of tracing, cutting, laminating, (hole) punching and more cutting.  It's pretty fucking tedious but I actually had fun and I love the designs (especially the soft water-coloured one).


3) DIY Monthly and Weekly inserts.

i) Fold-out monthly calendar: 

I like having a full monthly view before jumping into the weekly spreads and since the ones I ordered start in 2017, I had to make my own for the rest of 2016. One problem with a smaller planner is the room you have to write your shit -- which is not much - and since the size of this planner would result in tiny boxes for the calendar days, I figured some kind of extendable or fold out design would work....and guess what? it did!

Monthly1 Monthly



ii) Weekly inserts, horizontal layout on 2 pages:

Weekly insert Planner view 

Let me talk about the absurd amount of time I spent trying to figure out how to print double sided in the correct orientation using a manual feed. I spent all Sunday in my craft room yelling awful things at my printer when I kept fucking it up. After countless tries (sorry, trees) and many glasses of wine later, I finally got it down, created a "master printing template" (which is pretty much a plain piece of paper with my crass markings and notes all over it) so that I don't have to go through this headache every time.

One more thing -- I made my own page marker because I had some scrap card stock and I just love that cherry blossom watercolour pattern. I glued it onto some thick card stock, folded it in half, ran that through the laminator 2 times, punched it and cut slits through the holes so I can easily move it around without opening the rings.  It peeks above the pages to I can quickly turn to the current week.



Plum planner compared to Kikki K personal size:

Compare Compare2

And I also welcomed this new laminator to my craft space on the weekend. It was on sale so I of course had to buy it.  Like labelers make me want to label everything, this laminator makes me want to laminate everything.




So what do I think about the Kikki K?  I LOVE IT!  it's made so well and although the initial investment was hefty ($74.95 USD), I won't need to spend any more money on planners from now on since I'll be making my own inserts (as compared to a Plum planner that ranges from $45-51 USD yearly).


Do you have a planner? if so, which one?



Friday Thangs [8-19]




+ Remember my Kikki K planner I bought and was stalking? I received confirmation a couple of days ago that it arrived in the US (to my husband's PO box) and is on its way to my house!

Freakin excited

I also have some planner inserts from Etsy coming and my laminator/laminating accessories arrived yesterday because I couldn't hold off.  I want all of my planner goodies at the ready so I can immediately get on with the planning bonerisms #gobigorgohome.  And yes, I'll will have an unboxing/review of all my stuff when I get them (obviously).


+ Some readers have been asking about cosmetic acupuncture (also called "facial rejuvenation"), namely the pain levels from the needles.  My honest opinion - and I'm afraid of needles - is that it's barely any pain at all....I give it like, 0.01/10 on the pain scale.  There's a slight prick (imagine the feeling when you accidentally prick your finger) and the sensation doesn't even last for a second.  After my face is cleansed, my acupuncturist inserts 2 kinds of needles:

1) tiny intradermal needles that are inserted where fine lines tend to develop - outer corner of the eyes, around the nose and around the mouth.  


2) Facial needles are then used around the rest of the face (forehead, hair line, under the chin, cheeks etc). These are (usually) thinner than the needles used for other parts of the body.


The needles increase blood flow, increase collagen production and believe it or not, are SO relaxing. I always pass out on the table during the treatment.  The needles are left in for about 25mins, then I get a full facial, facial massage and facial cupping followed by a scalp massage. The skin products she uses are by Eminence Organics which is one of my fav organic brands and holy shit, it's heaven, I tell you.

I snapped this pic immediately after my treatment; no edits, no filter, no makeup either... my skin is glowing, bright, fresh and wrinkle free.

Post acu



+ I have one of those sweat-activated workout tanks but I've never sweat enough to actually see it...until last week.  These days, Toronto has been under a heat advisory (read: humid as fuck) and my gym doesn't have AC so everyone legit looks as though someone dumped a bucket of water over their head.  This was my shirt after a workout. 




+ I found $200 in Spa gift cards from my 40th birthday that I totally forgot I had which obviously means I'm booking a facial at a swanky spa in 2 weeks.

Happy dance joey_and_chandler_-_imgur



+ How my office work/desk area looks on any given day.  I hang my workout clothes to dry after my workout because ain't nobody got time for stank-ass clothes.  I often get comments like "do you live here or something?".  Rude.

20160817_131119 Shirtone of my fave douchey workout tanks


+ Tomorrow my husband and I are going on our once-a-month fancy date night. It got moved from 2wks ago due to another event we had to attend and I can't wait!  


+ Funny sex memes!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.33.42 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.34.52 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.34.17 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.34.42 AM


+ How true is this?

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.33.49 AM


+ And finally, who isn't smitten by the #deBolt bromance going on at the Rio Olympics?  This is what Olympic sportsmanship should be about!

BOLT_DEGRASSE_822 O-USAIN-BOLT-570 631448169_589529288 O-USAIN-BOLT-570


Have a great weekend!



Life Update


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.08.35 AM


I often struggle with weekend updates because my weekends are usually boring and when exciting things happen, I forget to take pictures and I'm too lazy to actually describe said exciting things so here's a jumble of updates that have been happening:


+ in treat yoself - To end off last week, I went for my monthly acupuncture (cosmetic/hormonal balancing and overall health) treatment and as always, it was wonderful. As my practitioner was analyzing my skin under that skin microscope light lamp thing, she commented at how my fine lines/wrinkles are gone and that my skin looks really firm and plump which surprised her due to my dry skin.  Ladies -- this is after 4 treatments of cosmetic acupuncture: firm/plump skin, elimination of wrinkles/fine lines, brightness and clarity and zero injections/chemicals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.02.05 AM

 Today I had a 90minute massage and next month, I'm booking a facial.  If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of monthly treat yoself.


+ in family life - my husband, who started cycling about 1.5yrs ago is killing it; I repeat - killing it.  He rides every day, 365 days of the year and nothing, not even a freaking snow storm, will derail his cycling routine. He had a race this past weekend and placed 7th out of thousands of participants (won some money and snazzy medal); even went so far as to take a selfie during the race because priorities and workouts didn't happen unless you take pictures for Facebook.  Perhaps that's why he placed 7th? haha.  So proud of him.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.14.14 AMnot sure why he looks so confused that he won?


+ in planner shizz - I've been stalking the shit out of my Kikki K planner and wondering why the hell it takes so long to deliver?!  As in why can't it arrive right fucking now?  

Want to know what else is crazy? I want another planner.  What the hell is wrong with me.  That damn Facebook Planner page has all kinds of folks doing  planner destashes daily and why the actual hell do I want another one?  Because they're so pretty, that's why and don't even get me started on the amount of stalking I do on Etsy when it comes to planner inserts and all that jazz.

Plannerswhich color do you like best?  tell me!!


Since I'm way cheap and always looking for a more cost effective way to get shit done, I'm going to DIY the fuck out of this (inserts, dividers, stickers etc) so I've been researching the supplies that I'll need, mainly a 6-hole  punch and a laminator.  That said, I won't be pulling the trigger on these supplies just yet until I get my planner and do a thorough molestation investigation of exact sizing and dimensions.  




+ in health and fitness - after all the fatassery during our PEC trip, detox ensued the second we got home and it's still going strong.  In the past few weeks, I've been to dinners, birthdays and showers where they served all of my favourite foods and desserts but nope, detox takes first priority.  That didn't stop me from standing in front of the dessert bar longingly staring at all the goodness or creepily staring at my friends as they devoured those delicious desserts. Sads.

I've also been killing it at the gym with my workouts.  I've upped my workouts to 7 days a week - 5 muay thai and 2 strength training. The goal: to improve in muay thai as best as I can.  I no longer power lift but I strength train to increase my power and speed for punches so I shadow box with 3lbs weights, I do lower body strengthening (quads/hamstrings/calves) so I can run (to increase endurance for muay thai), core work for kicks, knees and teeps.  Is it working?  I think so -- I find myself hitting the pads harder/better/with more accuracy, my legs don't tire out as fast when I do rounds of pad work that focus on multiple succession of kicks and I can last longer during multiple rounds.


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.02.44 AM


+ in vacay - starting to plan our last and final vacation for the year:

Wizarding-world-of-harry-potterThe Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Universal Studios, Florida.


Yep, we're heading off to Orlando next month to finally roam around Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Kayla is super excited; she's been trying to read all of the HP books.


+ in books - with the Olympics in full swing, reading has fallen by the wayside.  I currently have 2 books on my night table:



Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.04.20 AM



what's been up with you lately?

friday thangs [8-12]


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 4.18.01 PMThe Marshlands, Prince Edward County; July 2016.


+ today is my monthly facial/hormonal balancing acupuncture appointment and I'm so excited.  It'll be an evening of relaxation, beautifying and then a yummy dinner of oysters and whatever delicious seafood the local restaurant is serving #nomnom.


+ I was so excited to order my (discounted) Kikki K planner that I accidentally put the wrong name in the "Ship To" field (the receiving folks will reject the package if the name is incorrect) and then struggled to get a hold of Kikki Customer Service to change it. After getting irrationally angry and screaming all kinds of obscenities as to why these lazy fucks wouldn't answer my emails/facebook messages etc, I realized they were located in Australia and it was 2:30am AEST.



+ good news! I asked Plum if they would cancel my order and they did! They've refunded my money and holy christ how long does it take my Kikki K to get here?!. Let's just hope that they're able to fix my order. I would be so sad if it got lost/rejected.  Now let's gather round to lustfully admire it: 



I also got this notification....let the stalking begin.




+ last thing on the planner shizz, I promise. Michaels Recollections brand now has cute inserts you can buy separately to fill your beloved planner.  Hello discount coupons with an extra 20% off the entire purchase?  that's like getting planner shit for free and another reason why I bought the Kikki K planner because in the long run, it'll save me money (from having to spend $60CAD on Plum planners).  See, I can pretty much rationalize anything if I want it bad enough.



+ this pillow sums up my struggle with swearing:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.15.17 AM



+ I love physical books. Am I the only one that smells the pages of new books? Just me? alrighty then.

I'm going back to eBooks temporarily since I only have The Nightingale in ePub format and upon opening my eReader app, I discovered another book that I wanted to read but forgot I had!



+ You guys, this book....SO AMAZING.  I read this in 2.5 days and OMFG I can't stop thinking about it.  It made me stay up later than normal, I ignored everyone and everything at work and it made me cry -- a book made me cry. And not just cry but ugly cry; as in I had to put it down because I couldn't see through the tears and I ran out of tissue.  If I could rate this 10 stars on GoodReads, I would.  Many thanks to my ePub source (you know who you are!!) for getting this for me!




+ Can I just get on my tiny soapbox for a bit?  I almost never do this because I can't be bothered with such stupidity/waste of energy but as a female, parent and a visible minority, I feel the need to say this - PEOPLE NEED TO FUCKING CHILL WITH THE RACISM OR SEXISM ACCUSATIONS.

Society today is way too sensitive. Apparently, this GAP ad caused a huge uproar because the girl was labelled a "social butterfly" and the boy was labelled a "scholar".  Then moms all over the world went batshit crazy and screaming how dare GAP do this and promote sexism. I doubt GAP was trying to tell the world that girls can only rise as high as a social butterfly and boys are the only beings who can be scholars.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.36.37 PM


news flash to parents: kids don't give a fuck about shit like this; only you do.  Let me tell you what a girl would say to this ad:  "mommy! I like those cat ears! can I get one?" and do you know why she would say that? BECAUSE SHE IS TAKING THIS AT FACE VALUE and not trying to find the so-called subliminal message that (you're imagining) people are trying to tell your children.  Kids grow into the people that THEIR PARENTS shape them to be through valuable life lessons; not what they read or see on TV.  When I saw this ad, I thought: oh, how cute! (to both kids).  In no way did I even think HOLD UPPPPPPP! SOMEONE'S GOING TO PAY HELL FOR THIS AD; HOW DARE THEY CAST KAYLA IN SUCH A HORRIBLE AND SEXIST WAY!


Now Snapchat is catching fire for their new "yellowface" filter.  Alright, perhaps the name of this filter is questionable but shit, it's funny:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.34.37 PM

As an asian, I find this hilarious.  Why? because I don't get offended by shit like this unless someone verbally and blatantly calls me a "ch*nk" in anger or refers to my people in a derogatory way in anger.  Key word: in anger.  And come on, we're all guilty of making racist jokes but it's all in good fun, it's funny and it's just jokes.  Hell, I do it all the time and not just about my people but of my white friends, black friends and brown friends.  Am I a racist?  no; I love all of my friends regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this but people seriously need to relax.  Social media has given the public a forum to rant useless stupidity and cause trouble for no reason other than they're too bored. Find a more productive and real way to make the world a better place instead of typing up a 140-character-limit of bullshit and then giving yourself a pat on the back /endrant.


+ This video of a grout cleaner that vaporized grout and floor grossness in seconds. I had to watch this 3 times because I thought it was fake (I thought they were painting the floor!) which turned into total awe.




Have a great weekend!

simple things that make me insanely happy


Sunrise{photocred: my friend Ivan at Bluffer's Park}



+ fresh-brewed coffee. Every night before I go to sleep, I program my coffee maker to start brewing at 7am. Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and being able to immediately pour myself a hot mug always brings a smile to my face first thing in the morning.




+ planning & stationary shizz. Nothing gives me a greater sense of calm than an organized and planned week.  There are times things get too hectic for me to plan my bill payments, weekly shit that needs to get done etc and I feel a weird, chaotic, unsettling whirlwind in my gut.  

My love for stationary goes back to when I was a wee kid -- the other day as I was cleaning out one of my drawers, I discovered these gems:



I'll have you know that even as a 5yr old child when I got these, I couldn't bear to use pretty stationary because no one was worthy (I still do this with my current stationary/crafting materials) and 35 years later, I still won't use them nor will I let Kayla use them (she has begged me multiple times to which I straight up said No). 

Fuzzy stickersFuzzy stickers!



+ my home office/craft area.  The fact that it's in the basement and I can escape to this space, even if for one hour, makes me super giddy.



+ books.  Especially when all of my books are ready for pick up at the library.


+ Friday wine.  Since drastically cutting down my wine intake due to growing whaleishness, when Friday rolls around, I get ridiculously happy because I get to have a glass after work.



+ Sunday afternoon dates.  Since Kayla was 4, my husband and I have 'date afternoons' every Sunday where we go wherever, sans kid.  Sometimes we'll wander around downtown on a sunny day, sometimes we'll run errands together, sometimes we'll just go home and chill but we think it's important to preserve alone time since 6 of 7 days are consumed with taking care of Kayla, work and daily life.


+ $2 face masks. Because treat yoself can be done at home on the cheap.  Part of my Sunday "prep for the week ahead" ritual includes cleansing, exfoliation and kicking back for 25 minutes with a mask that keeps my skin soft and hydrated.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.07.14 AM


+ 3pm. Because that's when home time is.


+ old school music.  I rarely listen to the radio because I think the stuff on the radio these days is garbage #sorrynotsorry.  Anytime music from the 80s or 90s come on, I blast that shit and scream the lyrics with no fucks given.



What simple things in life make you happy? 

book boners {august edition}





This month was slower, book-wise.  

Last month I was all up in the WWII books and as awesome as the stories were, they were heavy and heartfelt and emotional and I just needed a break from all that so I decided to appeal to my science geeky side and read about the Ebola virus.  Did you know that in the late stages of Ebola infection, your skin pretty much disintegrates?  as in you can take a finger, gently slide it down your skin and the skin will just slide right off. Fucking terrifying.



A Walk In The Woods - 3.5/5.  Bill Bryson, who is definitely not a hiker, decides to hike the Appalachian Trail for the sake of hiking it and to maybe get in shape. Throw in his weird, whiny friend Kat and it's a pretty funny story. Some parts droned on about stuff I didn't really care about but for the most part, it was entertaining and interesting enough that I went and got his other adventure book where he goes down under and I don't mean in the vagina sense but Australia.


The Hot Zone - 4/5.  Totally gave me a science boner. Ebola is terrifying as fuck; you basically turn into a bag of mush within 5 days of contracting the virus until it makes you bleed out and you die. The end. Keep that shit away from me, thanks.


No Country For Old Men - 3/5.  I've had this book for years but never bothered to read it and during my organizing blitz, I found it behind some other crap and it was like Christmas because books. It started out great; was a bit hard to follow because of the run-on sentences and language (written using deep south colloquialisms) but what pissed me off was the end; it's as if a whole chapter was missed about what happened to one of the characters. I also didn't care for some narrative parts; like shut the hell up and get back to the story already.


Currently Reading:  

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.02.30 AM


In the queue:

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.04.20 AM


What have you been reading lately?


Weekending & Shizz [8-8]





+ Kayla had her level 3 Muay Thai test last weekend and it was a hard one:

  • 50 situps
  • 35 real push ups (on the toes)
  • plank for 1 minute
  • 3 rounds of pad work, 3 minutes each.
this is her last round; she was pretty tired.


I was sneaking peaks as she was hitting pads; she did awesome.  She finished all 50 situps and 35 pushups in 4:13 minutes. That's pretty damn good for an 8yr old who has basically zero muscle tone and I'm happy to announce that she's the first kid who passed the L3 test!


+ Although I fought my husband on the Vitamix for years, I have to admit (but not to him) that I love it.  I've been making myself a green smoothie after my Tuesday and Thursday evening workouts.  I had a bit left over so I brought it to work as a snack; it totally  hit the spot.





+ I can't stop lurking the Planner Facebook page that I joined. Michael added me (thanks, girl! but seriously, what have you done), my request got accepted and I lurk that site errday like it's my job.  I spent an absurd amount of time this past weekend just perusing and drooling over all the planners that were being posted for sale. Speaking of planners, I really really really want this planner because look at the interior:

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 3.51.28 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 3.52.24 PMhow gorgeous is that color scheme??


But in my last post, I mentioned that I already ordered a 2017 Plum planner so why do I even have a need for this? The guilt was overwhelming.

In my attempt to rationalize this to myself, I asked for Kayla's opinion and this is what she said: "well mommy, I think it's ok because you can use the first one you ordered and then you can continue to use the other one whenever you need to since you can remove the middle parts".  Ahole bros -- I think we have a new member for our group.  

How does an 8yr old have such impeccable reasoning??

And since my friend gave me a $10 off coupon for the site, that would be wasting money and I hate wasting money so I pulled the trigger and ordered it. 




+ I saw the Tarzan movie and I totally understand what that lady wrote in her hilarious review about Alexander Skarsgard's V and muscles. Oh my.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 4.05.53 PM


+ This was the weekend of birthday parties and I figured I should finally use the 50mm lens I bought last December. I didn't take many pictures (mainly because I forgot that I brought the camera) but I certainly enjoyed pretending to be a profesh photographer.


+ Funny vids:



Hope you had a great weekend!

Currently {August}


Giphyhahahaha remember the "wazzaaaaaap!" craze back in the day?



+ This Friday's Muay Thai class is cancelled due to the Summer Kids Camp and while I love that my trainer is getting more exposure for his gym/classes, having my Friday workout cancelled sort of sent me into a panic because my Friday workout.  Since I have keys to the gym, I managed to (easily) sway my friend to meet me at 7am on Monday and we worked out for 1.5hrs sparring and some pad work.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.22.01 AM


+ Speaking of workouts, my new fitness routine change-up is in full effect. The car had to go in for an oil change yesterday so instead of taking the free shuttle back, I ran home. 

For the first time ever, I was actually excited to (road) run because I have a goal - aerobic training. Running as a form of exercise just isn't my jam but if there's a goal to meet, I'm all over that. I've been reading that in order to train my aerobic system, I need to increase my distance over a period of time while running at a pace that keeps my heart rate no higher than 140.  How did I get this number?  180-my age.  Anything above 140 means I'll be working my anaerobic system which is not what I want.  Check out this site which has a great article about the "magic 180 rule" to train your aerobic system and why it helps prevent you from gassing out during endurance sports.  For me, that endurance sport is Muay Thai. 

But what's best about a new workout routine? the gear.  I've stolen borrowed these from my husband that will help me monitor my heart rate to ensure I stay within my aerobic range.


By the way, that Scoshe HRM isn't a chest strap (I hate those) - it's an arm band and pretty damn accurate. It's ANT+ so it will pair with any ANT+ enabled watch or device.  You can wear the monitor on your forearm or upper inner arm which is way more comfortable than your chest:

Arm band




That's the (sweaty) face of someone who did it!  ran the whole way (7.8KM) without stopping, my knee was actually good (except near the end when it started to feel a bit tender) but I ran and I felt great.

Do you know how slow you have to run to keep your heart rate at 140 or under?  Pretty fucking slow.  I know people eat 8KMs for lunch and probably can clear that within 30 minutes but let's focus on my "without stopping" part - I don't think I've ever run (on the road) for more than 2 or 3KM without stopping, mainly because my joints end up killing me and I just hate it so much that I give up early so it can end however, ensuring that I stayed at/under my 140 heart rate made me pace myself and get my breathing right until I found my groove and just ran.


Then I came home and made myself a delicious green smoothie:




+ I'm still on a great reading roll.  Blasted through a bunch of (awesome) books recently and currently reading this:




+ Enjoying all the ciders and wine we hauled from our PEC trip. Some of my favourites:



+ Watching and enjoying this new show:




+ Want to know why I love Android phones? the freedom to transfer any file onto my phone.  When I bought my S7, I was surprised that Samsung provides a USB adapter that's so small it can fit into your pocket!




+ I don't know what's gotten into me but I got a new planner....already.  I still have 4 more months of my current Plum Planner to go but dammit, I just wanted a new one. I also realized that I can write this off as a business expense (hooray!) because I lug this back and forth to work to help me keep my shit together and if it's work-related, it's business account related.



For a whole week, I hummed and hawed if I should get the planner because then my current one would obviously go to waste.  I turned to my Ahole Bros group for some support in hopes that they'd talk some sense into me and tell me not to get it and well.... this:



I hope to see this baby in a couple of weeks:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.45.53 PM

What I like about the Plum Planner is the paper quality - it's legit.  I've used Sharpie (fine tipped) markers, colourful pens, Micro pens and none of them bleed through.  I also realized with my current planner that the vertical layout columns are just too narrow so this time around, I went with the double horizontal layout. 

Another planner I was eyeing was the Kikki K.  I mean, look at it: 

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.05.47 AMGorgeous but hella expensive! ($89.95!)


That price is straight up wack. I get that the price is really for the leather holder but $89.95 USD?  That doesn't include shipping/customs so when all is said and done, it would cost me around $160CAD!  Sorry, no matter how much I love that white/gold leather cover, I can't find it in me to spend nearly $200 on a planner.  


+ Aside from the planner jazz above, a spending freeze is in place because during the past few months, shit has been breaking down in our house making us hemorrhage money and that is not cool with me. Why must everything break at once?  Our fridge is starting to go, as is our dishwasher. I just fixed our treadmill and AC and that ran me just over $1200.  So I'll be saving some major cash for the "oh fuck" phase when the fridge and dishwasher kick the bucket.



What's up with you?



What's New With You


humpday confessions [August edition]


I'm a bad linkup host. Not only did I totally forget about this linkup (and fellow A-Hole Bro, Nadine, had to remind me (thanks, girl!)) but I can't find my Confessions image and we didn't even tell anyone in blogland #needtogetmyshittogether.  If you have a confessions post today and want to link up, link-up button is at the end of this post.


+ I tricked Kayla into folding all the laundry by telling her that high school kids take a course called "Home Ec" and part of that course is to fold laundry.  I heard her say to herself as she was half done the pile "I don't like Home Ec", hahahahahahaha!

Parenting Level:  GENIUS.




+ While food prepping for the week on Monday, I accidentially drank too much wine, got real buzzed and was stumbling around the kitchen but trying to act normal because everyone was home.  Then Kayla says "Mommy, are you ok? you're walking funny".  I guess I didn't pretend as well as I thought #notevensorry.


omg I can't stop watching this.


 + I noticed a dried up piece of brown play-doh in the toilet of Kayla's barbie house and when I asked her about it, she says That's supposed to be poo. I think Ken did it".


+ I'm on the hunt for a new planner and I'm not even finished my current one yet; I have 4 more months left (ends in November) but I'm already tired of the layout (Plum vertical layout) and I want a new one, dammit.  Also, since I use the planner a lot for work stuff, that means I can write off the expense, holla!  Why didn't I think of that before?!


+ Remember those chinese herbs I'm taking to regulate my period and combat perimenopausal symptoms? They really work and yesterday, I was PMSing hard so I ate half a Twix bar and it was amazing. Like so amazing I actually groaned out loud when I bit into it.  For the record, I haven't had a Twix bar in over 6 years and calories don't count when you're PMSing, right?



 + remember all that wine I bought while in PEC? I've already drank 4 of them and I need to stop doing that because I noticed that my mid-section isn't as lean anymore; by that, I mean where the fuck did my abs go?  Did you know that wine could do this?  Because I used to be tanked every weekend (and most of the week) when I was in my 20s and it never affected me like this #oldhagproblems #rage.


+ Today is my first run in 2 years.  Actually, it's a pretty long run (for me) - 8KMs.  I have to drop my car off at the shop for maintenance by 830am and instead of taking the shuttle home, the ahole bro in me is all "bitch, you can run home". If I'm being honest with myself, who do I think I am.  Isn't an 8KM run a bit ambitious considering I haven't run shit in 2 years?  I have my gear all ready and I'll be setting my (aerobic training) pace to maintain my 140HR so at that pace, I should be home in about 9 hours. 


What are your confessions?


friday thangs [7-29]


Friday thangs

It's Friday and what's even better than a Friday? a long weekend, that's what.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's a long weekend for us Canadians so we have Monday off, hallaleujah!  


+ My coffee will be kicking it old school because I read that the Keurig harbours all kinds of gross mold in the water tank (ew) so I dug out my trusty ol' coffee maker and loving it.  I gave it a good deep clean (ran the self-cleaning program with water/vinegar twice), changed the filter and coffee has never tasted better.  I programmed it to brew for 6am yesterday morning and it was great to wake up to that fresh coffee smell. 



+ While I love HTC phones, mine was starting to go (read: error messages for days), the software updates suck major ass, my camera was on the fritz and I had enough so as soon as I got home from vacation, I went straight to the mall and grabbed this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.42.57 PM



+ Does anyone remember the show Nip/Tuck? ever wonder what happened to Dr. Christian Troy after the show ended?  Well, let me tell you my fine friends -- he's now starring in a show called Hunters where he's a little older, a little weirder and a lot more alien.



+ What I love about the SDCC are all the trailers that get released.  




+ The kitchen in the Picton house we rented was the tits and has inspired me to get moving on something that has been brewing in the back of my mind - updating our kitchen.  This has always been in the back of my mind but money and time and laziness in researching was preventing me from doing anything.  Since I know this will be a pretty big task, I've created another savings account called "Dream Kitchen" where a few hundred dollars every month will be saved.  Thank god that my FIL - who used to be a chief estimator for big construction companies - knows what's a good price vs getting-hosed price and can guide us through the process. 

To be honest, there's nothing really wrong with my kitchen now - it's spacious, has lots of cabinet space, the pot drawers are plenty but I just want an updated look.  When we moved here in 2006, our taste was dark wood and flooring but now, 10 years later, I'm more into the whole white kitchen/cabinets thing.


I have an idea of how I want the kitchen to look (color scheme etc) but what I definitely want:

a farmhouse sink:



white cabinets with soft-closing hinges.




+ I want these gadgets for my house!

Somabar Robotic Bartender



CaptureCuisinart soft serve maker



+ Funnies:


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.18.55 AM



this article about how awful the show Caillou is and the fact that Netflix support peeps understand that watching Caillou will make you want to get sterilzed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.53.50 PM




+ If you have trouble taking a shit, try this.  I discovered a friend of mine has it and she swears that you drop your load within 2 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.23.27 AM



Have a great weekend!