I've moved!


This blog is officially done; I've moved to a new platform. 

If you'd like to know where I am, drop me an email (morecoffeelesstalky@gmail.com) and I'll respond with my new URL; otherwise I'll continue to stalk your blog so you'll see me around your blog soon!


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Blogging changes are upon us.


I've been struggling with blogging as of late...seems that my mojo has disappeared and I can't seem to get it back so I figured a fresh new start is in order.

Typepad has been my go-to platform because it's easy, clean and the support is amazing....as in I can email customer service and they'll send me the CSS code I need to do whatever I want to my layout/template/blog. 

But that shit doesn't come for free. While my lazy self loves the fact that I no longer have to think about HTML/CSS code and I get all the features I need, my inner cheap chinawoman self hates the price because paid Typepad is hella expensive and I don't want to pay for it anymore...which leaves me with free Typepad and free Typepad is shit.  It's basically a prettier version of Geocities so if you who know what Geocities is, you can feel my pain if I revert back to free Typepad.

And since I no longer blog the way I used to, I'm going to be switching to a free platform that has great features -- Blogger.

While free is definitely in my price range, it doesn't come without pain; I've had to wake up my former programmer self to try and remember how to manipulate code so I've been staring at this for a good portion of the week: Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 9.12.49 AM


Which makes me remember why I got out of programming but I have to say, it's like riding a bike - you never really forget and I managed to slightly alter the layout/links without totally screwing it up.  

So, in the coming days I'll have my new blog up and running.  Until then, I'll continue to stalk you and you'll see me around your neck of the woods soon!


The update, December edition


Gotta support fellow AHole Bro, Kristen in her link-up! here's what new with me:


1) I'm 100% finished my Christmas shopping; in fact, I finished that about 2 weeks ago so now I'm just waiting for everything to arrive so I can either put it together (in the case of DIY things) or wrap them to be delivered.

2) Did anyone do any black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? I did; got some great things and also raged on a few things as well. I mean, I get the whole Cyber Monday thing is supposed to be online only sales but then don't put your stuff "on sale" or in the "sale" category yet mark it as "not applicable to online sale" when I click on it. 

Deals I got:



-- (not shown) Planner stickers for 20% off....because a girl needs to get her plan on and this Etsy shop has the cutest stickers!

-- Martina Gebhardt eye cream for $29 instead of $40.

-- My husband's Christmas gift - a bluetooth waterproof speaker for his bike. The site he originally gave me has no deals (rude) which was of course unacceptable to my inner cheap chinawoman self so after some major internet super-sleuthing, I found it for $40 cheaper and free shipping.



-- Sandisk 200GB storage for my husband for $69 instead of $180 and free shipping.

-- wireless mouse for $13 instead of $30 and free shipping.  I love me some free shipping.

-- (not shown) a set of The Babysitter's Club (graphic) novels for Kayla... I love that she loves this series since it was a favourite of mine when I was her age.

-- I was going to pull the trigger on these babies since the site was having a 20% discount on everything but then I found out that they added a $12 shipping fee so really, that's not a true 20% discount because fuck shipping fees. Maybe I'll wait until Boxing day....but I WANT THESE BOOTS RIGHT NOW.



3) Our tree is up! 

Tree Elf Ornamnetmy favourite ornament!  made by Kayla when she was in Kindergarten.


4) I have 3 bags of amazing coffee to get through so you know exactly what I'll be doing over the holidays.

Coffeefrom the motherland (Jamaica) | from the actual mountains of Peru (from co-worker) | from a local coffee place in Toronto.


5) Been crocheting like a mofo.  I finished this season's scarf (V-stitch), made a basket weave hat for my acupuncturist and mailed out Pinky's hat. Girl was freezing and needed some warm gear so I thought I'd make her a puff stitch hat with a pink pom-pom. 



6) I suppose in the new year, I should make a goal to dress better.  After wearing this outfit yesterday, people were coming up to me asking what was the occasion and why I was so fancy.

WorkI guess jeans and a cardigan is considered "dressy" when you wear leggings/sweats into the office.


7)  Monthly date nights are still going strong.  We went to Boralia which featured "Canadian Cuisine" and when I read that, I laughed and thought "so what, do they serve moose, geese and buffalo? HAHAHA!" and yes, they did. Also, extended hubby's birthday dinner because free birthday dinner shit.




What's New With You

humpday confessions [11-30]


+ I went for a facial last weekend and my esthetician told me something that made my life: that I have the firmest skin she's seen in a long time in any client and that I didn't even need the whole 75 minutes or half the treatments because my skin was so good.

Hair flip


+ blogging is feeling like a real drag these days. I could barely muster up the energy or patience to draft this up. I have no idea what's going on with my blogging mojo.


+ December means birthday month! My month-long birthday celebration starts tomorrow and I AM SO EXCITED.  Planned and booked: two fancy dinners, a luxurious facial, two 90mins massages, one cosmetic acupuncture and facial. 


+ I caved and got Kayla an Elf on the Shelf and it angers me that I played into this stupid marketing scheme.  Why did I do it? because when she found out her cousins got one, she looked at me like this all day, errday, goddammit. 

Puppy dog eyes

Would you be able to look at puppy dog eyes and keep saying no? I mean, I'm a strict mom and all but I'm not a fucking monster.

But let's be real here -- I'm not that stupid to spend the ridiculous $40 they were charging for the real thing because my inner cheap chinawoman was like, "oh hell no; homey don't play dat". Instead, I went and bought a $7 alternative from Michaels that is actually an ornament.  More bang for my buck.

ElfI have to admit, the fake one looks a lot better than the real one...and the fake one has a wired body so you can bend it and shit. 


+ Major baking fail happened the other day. I tried my hand at dark mint chocolate chip cookies:


 The bottom pic is actually my batch. I laughed so hard when I looked in the oven.


+ The only reason why I signed up for a Starbucks account is because I remembered that you get a free drink on your birthday. I'm not even a fan of Starbucks drinks but I am a fan of free.  Then I get this email the other day:


it's not even my birthday yet! Two free drinks? YES, PLEASE!


+ Big fiasco with ordering shit online that resulted in a number of calls, being put on hold for a million hours and finally getting things straightened out. Credit card wasn't charged and finally got the money back on my two gift cards (well, most of it, at least).

Then yesterday morning, a Fedex truck pulls up and hands me two packages containing two new gift cards for the amounts I had...so that means I have FOUR gift cards. 

I could not in my right mind keep the extra gift cards. I'm also scared of Karma so I called the company to give them back...only to be told to keep them and call back if the amounts on my original gift cards are not correct. Was that his way of telling me to just keep it without actually saying it? Does that mean me and Karma are square?

What are your confessions today?



Looking back, counting my blessings


There is so much darkness and negativity all over the internet that I like to keep this space light; a place for people to read normal things that are supposed to happen in our lives instead of violence, drama, toxic bullshit and other things with which we tend to be bombarded.

But this hit home and continues to weigh heavy on my heart. I recently heard some sad news - a woman in Vancouver, suffering from PPD, left home a couple of weeks ago and never returned. A massive search party went on during that whole time, only to discover her body and they do not suspect foul play. She leaves behind a 2.5month old son, a grieving husband, a shocked family and community.

This tragedy just tears at my heart.

Being in her shoes before, years ago when I was drowning in that overwhelming darkness, I often thought about leaving myself. I'm not proud of those thoughts but depression makes you think and feel some pretty awful stuff.

Her story hit home for me; it's been several years since I was treated and I will never forget the darkness, anxiety, fear and sadness that governed my life for about 2.5 years after Kayla was born.  I usually don't dwell on the past but once a year, on the anniversary of when I was given a clean bill of mental health, I reflect and count my blessings of where I am today; that I was one of the lucky ones who was able to overcome my depression and seek treatment when I really needed it.

For that, I have my family to thank; they were the ones to stage an intervention and literally forced me to seek treatment. The thing with PPD - or any form of depression - is you get really good at hiding it.  You're also not sure what is going on, other than you know something isn't right. You feel ashamed that you can't control your emotions and you don't want to be the subject of talk and gossip so you put on a brave face and pretend that everything is ok.

But that pretending was exhausting. I was already drained and paralyzed and suffocating by the despair that seeped into every fiber of my being but I did it for my child. For my family. Although I felt that I'd already lost everything, I didn't want to lose face because that was the only thing stopping me from completely falling apart.

At the worst of it, I had lost so much weight because I had pretty much stopped eating; there were days that I could only muster the energy to eat a piece of bread and even that was difficult...I just wasn't hungry. The anxiety was so overwhelming that it robbed me of sleep and hunger.  Most nights, I slept maybe an hour. On a good night, I'd get about two hours of sleep but that was rare. Over the months and years, I wilted down to skin and bones.


My healthy weight, where I am lean and fit, is 125-127lbs but this is me at 108lbs.  I had lost all of my muscle tone, had about 10% body fat from not eating. From being up all night.  This is the kind of thing that paralyzing stress and anxiety does to a body.  I don't like looking at my face in this photo which is why I cropped out my head. I was so thin that my skin looked stretched over my face and looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes. 

I'm better now but I will never forget that time in my life. It's the only reason why we haven't had a second child and despite my guilt over Kayla not having a sibling (because I feel that all kids should grow up with a sibling), I don't want to go through that again. My psychiatrist said that although there's a 50% chance of getting PPD again, it's not a sure thing and he would help me through it but those odds were too high for me. I was so very close to just ending things that I didn't want to take that chance. I still don't.

But because of what I went through, I enjoy the hell out of my life; I don't take anything for granted. I was so close to losing everything but when I got that second chance, I 100% cherish every.single.momentI live my life to the fullest; I laugh all the time, don't take things too seriously, I tell and show my family and friends how much I love them on a regular basis.  I help those in need, I always reach out to moms to make sure they're ok and to let them know that I'm around if they want to chat because that's the one thing about depression - you feel so fucking lonely and alone with your awful thoughts and emotions.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 8.38.50 AM


Holiday preparations, weekending things and other random stuff.

Elf-- It's only middle of November, and yes, I'm excited for Christmas already....As in the only reason why my decorations aren't up is because my husband refuses to do any of that until December 1. Rude.

-- About 90% of my Christmas shopping is done; I'm just waiting for Black Friday to roll around in hopes that I can get some things for a deal and if not, I'll be ordering them next Saturday.  Ain't nobody got time to deal with the Christmas rush.

-- Christmas music has been playing all the live long day.

-- My friend's Merry Making Card event happened and it was all weekend long - bliss.  Saturday afternoon was for the kids, Sunday afternoon was for the adults.  

Card 3


We invited Kayla's school friend and they both had a blast!  What I love about these events is that you learn all sorts of things; there lots of workshops like Christmas cracker making, snail mail (the kids got to write their letters to Santa), fancy lettering using different mediums (this year was chalk), she had a foil-making station where you got to use the Heidi Swapp foil maker thingy (it's pretty fucking amazing), Christmas card making and she provided tons of free supplies to use - washi tape, markers, typewriters, card stock, twine, stamps/stamp pads, stickers....it was so awesome.



Kayla and her friend struggling with the typewriter, LOL. Kids have no idea how easy they have it these days #thestrugglewasreal.


I brought my own card making supplies as did my girlfriend and her mom; we dumped everything into the center of the table and used whatever we needed. Strangers got the side-eye if they approached our stash... I know that's not the Christmas spirit but:

  1. it's our craft stuff and homies don't play that
  2. I spend the whole year scoping out (and buying) Christmas craft stuff so that when the holidays roll around, I'm plenty stocked to crank out Christmas cards.
  3. Bring your own damn supplies.
  4. Bah Humbug!


-- Made some fantastic Christmas cards. Not even ashamed to admit that my card making skills are on point.  I made about 12-15 cards and these are some of my favourites. Confession: I have trouble parting with the cards I make. Last year, of the 20 I made, I only sent out 5 #nooneisworthy.


Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 9.20.37 AM


Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 9.20.22 AM

There was a fun photo booth with props:



-- We went to a fantastic restaurant after the event to celebrate my husband's birthday.  


The restaurant is owned by the famous SuSur Lee (he was on Iron Chef, Chopped and some other Food Network shows) and owns a bunch of amazing restaurants all over the world. Kayla recognized him from Chopped Canada and was completely star-struck when he walked out of the kitchen. He went around greeting the guests and when he came to our table, Kayla looked like she was going to faint.  After much convincing (she was so nervous), she asked him for his autograph and now cradles this thing in a heart shaped box and looks at it all day long.



Literally just got tickets to see this guy in concert Aug 26, 2017:

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.59.29 AM

Why does Ticketmaster make it so stressful to get tickets? We had a group Whatsapp chat going and all 5 of us were logged in trying to get the best tickets/seats. Managed to score 8 seats/tickets!!


-- My aunt brought this back for me -- only the best coffee from the motherland:



-- And just like that, it's Monday.  Old man winter also blew in last night and now it's cold AF and I woke up to this:



How was your weekend? 



This and that....


+ I have no idea where my blogging mojo went.  I'm getting bored with it, or maybe it's all the shit floating around the internet that's keeping me away.  There's way too much drama and garbage that I just don't want to listen or read about anymore.  Instead, I've been looking at those hilarious #bidenobama memes.  I literally just found out about these (and about Joe Biden) early this week and they're everything.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 4.51.14 PM

+ It was my husband's birthday on Tuesday; he turned 45. Damn, 45...and to think that we met when he was a wee baby of 27. TWENTY SEVEN! how time flies. We have lots of fun festivities planned this weekend to celebrate.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 3.24.21 PMSept 1999, 27yrs old...when he had hair (it's there under the hat), no ink, big heart, warm smile.


Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 2.52.48 PMSept 2016, 44yrs old.... hair gone, covered in ink, an even bigger heart and same warm smile.


+ My friend's annual Christmas card making/crafting event is happening all weekend and I.can't.wait.  More pictures to come next week.

+ The Canadian Muay Thai nationals happened last weekend and I was second corner so I was right in front of the action.  Watching the competition front row center was a real eye-opener; I'm still processing what happened but man, the aggression I saw in the ring from the majority of competitors was nothing I've ever seen.  I've seen fights on YouTube but seeing it live is a whole other level.  

I actually used this opportunity to feel out whether or not I'd enter the next tournament. My wrist is 100% healed (finally!) but shit, seeing all those aggressive people literally CHARGING AT EACH OTHER RIGHT OUT OF THE GATES is scary as fuck.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.41.03 AM


+ Christmas shopping has begun; I've already finished Kayla's list and part of my friends' kids. I do the majority of my shopping online because ain't nobody got time for mall crowds/stupid humans but why do some stores only offer in-store pickup? WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALLOWING ONLINE ORDERING IF YOU DON'T SHIP OUT?!?


+ Speaking of Christmas lists, here are my top wants:

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.30.11 AM Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.31.04 AM Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.28.05 AMTHESE BOOTS, THOUGH.


+ When you find a picture of yourself from waaayyyy back. I still had some of the baby fat on my face, even at 17 ... or maybe it was 18?

YearsI'd have to say, not too shabby.... the years have been pretty good to me (also, thanks to high quality skin products and taking care of my skin throughout the years).  But what I want to know is what's up with my vanilla ice hairstyle and why no one introduced me to a pair of tweezers? 


Do you also like digging out old pictures as much as I do?

Have you already started Christmas shopping?



Winter's coming....



Not sure about you folks, but my skin is definitely feeling the effects of the colder temperatures and indoor heat.  Want to know what that yields? dry, sensitive, wrinkled skin, that's what. You all know I take really care of my skin because ain't nobody got time to look like a shriveled ballsack and it seems that as I get older, I really have to kick it up a notch to maintain the same level of hydration.

The other day I looked in the mirror and noticed two big wrinkles under each of my eyes.  When I say big, I mean big enough to stick my face 1 inch away from the mirror and squeal in horror.  I admit, I've sort of been lax on my skin care routine since I've been so busy at the gym, trying to rehab my wrist and dealing with stupid perimenopause symptoms but seeing that was the swift kick in the pants I needed to get back on it.

Here are my holy grail go-tos to keep my skin youthful and soft:

Facial cupping. 


This is relatively new to my skin care routine after my acupuncturist introduced it to me.

When I first started experiencing awful menopausal symptoms that manifested through my face (red, raw, hyper sensitive, painful skin), NOTHING I did fixed it until I went to her, she inserted a few needles into my face, then massaged my skin using the above cups.  I walked out of there with glowing, refreshed, normal skin and from then on, I was a believer in facial cupping. 

After seeing those huge wrinkles under my eyes, I restarted my facial cupping (on my own) every night. Three days later, those wrinkles are gone (whew!); not even kidding about this either. I was a little floored myself since I knew cupping invigorated the skin but to make big ugly wrinkles disappear? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Benefits of facial cupping (taken from this site):

  • Drainage of fluid in the lymph glands results in reduced edema and puffy appearance.
  • Better nutrition brought to the skin helps bring a young glow to the skin. Any beauty products used post-treatment are absorbed better and are more effective.
  • The lifting motion reduces the visible fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring because of injuries or acne. The skin also looks plumper. Further, the connecting tissue under facial skin is stimulated so that it heals and reduces smile and laugh lines.
  • Massaging movements help relax tense facial muscles resulting in a softer, younger appearance.


Facial acupuncture.  Guys, I can't say enough amazing things about acupuncture.  It's incredible for pain management, healing all kinds things (including fully healing my wrist!!) and also shaving years off of your face.  Fuck expensive botox - facial acupuncture is 100% natural; it stimulates/increases your body's elastin and collagen production which are the building blocks of youthful skin.

I've been doing these treatments once a month for while now and have seen amazing improvements in skin texture, colour and tone.  My face seems brighter and I look more rested, despite the sometimes shit sleep I get from night wakings due to crazy hormones and an 8yr old who loves having nightmares.  My acupuncturist combines a full facial (with facial cupping) and acupuncture for a full, 90-minute treatment....it's glorious.

Facial acupuncturePic right after a treatment - no filter, no makeup. 


Quality face products. SkinNatural products and skin oils are my jam.  With my old hag skin, I need serums for deeper hydration and skin oils just make sense.  They make your skin feel amazing and supple; all you need are two or 3 drops to work into your skin and you have hydrated skin all the live long day.

I've added rosehip oil to my arsenal because I was told I have dehydrated skin (rude) so I mix in 2 drops of rosehip with my argan oil, massage that into my face and then use my face cups for a mini-massage. 

Stephanie recently discovered the wonders of argan oil to help ease the symptoms of her rosacea and can't rave enough about it.  Note though, you have to test face oils first before slathering it on since everyone reacts differently to skin oils.


Face masks.

Dry air means my skin needs an extra hydration boost so I use a mask once a week to pump up the jam:

ShockedThis is a fantastic mask that adds intense moisture to my skin, has great anti-aging properties and smells  luxurious.


What are your go-tos for good skin?





Friday thangs2


Has the internet calmed down yet?

I purposely didn't read the majority of blogs after Tuesday night because I felt there would be major drama and tension and I just wasn't in the mood for that.  Instead, I selected posts that had nothing to do with the election, laughed at all the internet memes, watched YouTube and looked at a lot of puppy pictures.... is this not the most adorable maternity photo shoot ever??

Puppies Puppies2

+ The Muay Thai national tournament is tomorrow and I've spent part of this week learning how to corner a fight. Part of the duties is to oil down the fighters (to loosen their muscles) and put on their hand wraps since the only thing they need to worry about is the fight. Everyone is prepared to kick some ass!

Corner woman

+ Anyone follow UFC? I normally don't but this is the first fight I want to watch because of Joanna Jedrzejczyk. She was a world champion Muay Thai fighter turned UFC fighter and is one of the baddest, fiercest strikers.  At a tiny 115lbs, her technique and hand speed is out of this world. I've been trying to find a way to get this event for free (which I should since I work in TV, dammit!!) but so far, no luck. Sads.


+ Funnies

what I sent to my Ahole Bros group earlier this week:



I had a grand time reading and laughing at the election memes



Funny-presidential-yard-signs-2016-election-4-573311d87099c__605 Capture Funny-reactions-trump-winning-presidential-elections-2016-72-582321f91a7c0-png__700 Funny-reactions-trump-winning-presidential-elections-2016-36-5823013c09de7-png__700

I love Stephen Colbert; this was his monologue the day after the election results. If you take anything away from his speech, know that you too, can be a sexy kitty if you're feeling down about this election:


When Facebook reminds you of the heinous acts you committed against your child; like horrendous first hair cuts! LOL sorry, Kayla!

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.29.33 AM


 Have a great weekend!



Currently {November}




Annnnnd we're full swing in November.  Is it just me or are the weeks just flying by?

The folks in my neighborhood are all up in the Christmas spirit; as in there are some houses who have their entire yard and house decorated with Santa blow-up things and Christmas lights. Some even have their trees up, lit and displayed through their windows.  I mean, I'm excited too but...just whoa.





My reading mojo has taken a bit of a nosedive these past few weeks. I've been crocheting up a storm and it's been a struggle to find time to sit down and read so I only borrowed one book from the library instead of my usual 5+ stack.


Doing: lots of this!

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 8.45.29 AM

The first winter hat has been completed which Kayla claimed as her own because she loved the pattern and colours. Now my husband has asked for one (different colours) and same pattern but WHAT ABOUT ME. Just kidding; I love making stuff so I don't mind.


Watching:  Reruns! Did you know that you can get full episodes of Three's Company on YouTube?  I already have the entire DVD set but sometimes when I'm on a quick break and don't feel like loading my DVD player, YouTube is where it's at. I grew up watching this show and it's one of my favourites.

One of my fav (and one of the funniest) episodes is The Charming Stranger - a new neighbour moves into the apartment next door but he's so secretive about his black case that the gang decide to break into his apartment to investigate. Obviously, things go awry and hilarious actions ensue. 



Planning:  the future. I'm always planning for the future but after finding out some tragic news about a friend, I reevaluated my insurance and assessing options to top up with critical care insurance so that if ever I fall ill, I'll have an additional few hundred thousand on top of my current insurance to make sure that my family is taken care of.


Organizing:  With the holidays around the corner, I'm in planning mode and trying to organize Christmas dinners/get together with friends.  Trying to organize 2 get togethers plus a Kris Kringle for a group of 12 ladies ain't easy so this is where Google Documents/Google Drive comes in handy - I created a calendar for the months of November, December and January, sent the link to entire group and had them fill in their AM/PM availability in the spreadsheet. So.much.easier.


Drinking:  loving this new coffee my husband brought home from a local coffee house:

Tamp coffeeit's light and full of flavour; I love the slight nutty taste and it's a big difference from the strong dark roast that I usually drink.  


Fitness:  Lots of sparring to help our fighters prep for their first tournament fight next weekend.  I'm getting better at footwork (always a work in progress) as well as finding openings to punch/kick. My combos are also getting better, I'm much lighter on my feet, my reaction time has improved and my defense is stronger (read: not eating as many punches).

Also, my trainer asked me to sign up as a Coach during the tournament so I can be Second chair helping him between rounds.



Rehab:  Remember when I dedicated time (and money!) to rehab my wrist? I'm happy to say that after 5 weeks of acupuncture treatment and cupping, my wrist is about 95% healed!  I actually saw major improvements after 4 treatments but kept going because 1) I want to be 100% healed and 2) I just love it so much and it's so relaxing.

Although I still train 5-6 times a week at the same intensity as before, my wrist isn't bothering me anymore and I've stopped taping it up.  That's a HUGE difference from before when my entire arm and wrist would ache for days and I'd be wearing tape 24/7. 

Speaking of rehab, I've also been drinking turmeric tea once a day for my joints for the past 3 weeks.  Being an old hag, my body just ain't the same and my joints often scream at me. For the longest time, I was unable to do the pigeon stretch after my workouts because I couldn't take it but after 3 weeks of drinking this miracle tea I'm able to do this stretch without any issues.



Loving: Kayla's school pictures. She usually has a weird typical kid smile but this one is really nice and she looks so grown up :(


What have you been up to lately?