Orlando 2016


My last vacation of 2016 has come and gone and now it's back to reality.... except for me because I was smart enough to block off 3 more days so my first day back at work is Thursday #highfive. 

In case you were wondering where I went (doubt it), I was gallivanting around Orlando Florida/Universal Studios and just so I don't bore you, here's a summary of my trip:


The Good Stuff:

+ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Now, I know this is blasphemy in blogland but I could never get into the HP books no matter how hard I tried....they just aren't my jam.  Having said that, I was super excited to check out WWOHP and all that Universal Studios had to offer.  

For those who haven't yet been, these parks are split in two: Islands of Adventure which has one part of Harry Potter (Hogwarts) and Universal Studios which has the other part of Harry Potter (Diagon Alley).  The two sections of Harry Potter are joined by an "express train" (which is of course another $50/person if you don't have Hopper tickets).   Some pointers for you if you're thinking of going/wondering which side is better:

  • I preferred Diagon Alley (Universal side) over Hogwarts (Islands side); it's just set up way better (and cooler).
  • The Hogwarts Express train, although it sounds cool because you're on "platform 9  3/4" isn't that great and totally not worth the extra $50 people actually pay.  
  • Each section of HP has a one big HP ride and a bunch of other rides (roller coasters, kid stuff, 4D/3D rides etc). 
  • Unlike Disney where they give zero shits if you bring your own lunch and let you eat it at any indoor arena (except for the paid character restaurants), both Universal and Islands are stingy twits.  




+ Diagon Alley is fucking awesome.  

DA 1 20160920_10272920160920_111456 20160920_110151Butterbeer!



+ Shorter than expected wait times. Can you believe that wait times for the most popular rides at Universal was about 10 minutes?  I'm telling you, it pays to go during the school year because fuck line-ups.

+ Awesome rides: Revenge of the Mummy, Escape from Gringotts Bank, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (everyone who didn't get sick raved about this so I'm including it in here), Minion Mayhem, Simpsons, The Hulk.

+ The guy dressed in the Popeye costume said to me:  look at your guns. You need to flex!  When Popeye tells you to flex, you flex.



+ Great finds at Target/Marshalls/TJ Maxx.  Of course, we had to hit up Target and TJMaxx/Marshalls we were delighted to discover all 3 stores were 2 minutes away from our hotel.  Since our dollar sucks major balls, I told myself that nothing is worth buying unless it's $10 or under...so everything I bought was under $10:

  • 2 backpacks (Champion and Puma) - $8.98 each
  • 2 pairs of black jeggings - $4.80 each
  • Under Armour navy blue workout capris (heat gear) in Girls size Large - $9.98 <-- this was my most awesome find.
  • 2 bralettes since I can't fit into real bras because of my teeny concave bitch tits - $9.90 each
  • 3 Under Armour workout non-slip headbands - $5.99 each
  • 1 package of (5) non-slip Goody hair ties - $1
  • 3 camis - $6 each
  • a bunch of stuff for Kayla:  
    • 1 package of 10 socks $4.98
    • 3 packages of (3 pairs) boy shorts underwear - $5.98 each
    • 2 tank tops - $3.00 each
    • 3 leggings - $5.00 each
    • 2 long sleeve shirts - $6 each

All this means is that from here on out, my new favourite thing when I go to the states:  shop in the Target Clearance section.

+ Finally went to a Hobby Lobby!  I like that store a lot and I finally found one item I've been searching for (for my planner).  

+ Lots of down time to read. Finished Salt to the Sea and Defending Jacob. Such great books!

+ Getting selected for TSA express at the airport on our way home.  Unfortunately, neither Kayla or my husband were selected so I was like "later, betches" and bolted to the express lane.  When you get randomly selected to skip all that bullshit, you take advantage of that; even if it means abandoning your family #sorrynotsorry.

I zipped right through while everyone, including my family, looked at me with contempt.



The Bad Stuff:

+ The goddamn heat and humidity.  Listen, I'm all for hot weather and all but near-100% humidity where you just stand in the shade sweating buckets at freaking 8am is not fucking cool.  What's even more uncool is walking around or standing in crowds where everyone smells like rancid ass #gross.

+ My old lady sensitive stomach.  I cannot stomach any type of 3D simulation rides; hell, I even have trouble with any IMAX movie so when I came off of the Harry Potter  and the Forbidden Journey ride, me and my friend nearly yakked.  I had to close my eyes for most of that ride but I hear it's pretty amazing.  Too bad it makes me want to blow chunks.  

+ The sphincter police at The Leaky Cauldron.  Who wouldn't want to eat at The Leaky Cauldron? It's the fucking Leaky Cauldron!  Since Disney doesn't care where or what you eat, we figured Universal was the same but nope, we were wrong.  They actually set up a barrier so that you can't just go and sit at a table but you order first, show them your receipt and then they walk you to a table.  I don't remember that type of assholey behaviour in the book.  

+ I didn't get to work out at all which is unusual for me.  Because of that, I felt tired all the time, super lethargic and I didn't sleep properly all week.  My husband felt the same and in fact, we were looking forward to coming home so we could resume our regular routine.

+ My skin freaked the hell out.  Not as bad as before but enough to annoy me.  Travelling makes it hard to eat clean; I ate as good as I could (grain free, of course) but that's hard when I couldn't make my own bread and it seems that "gluten free" bread or pasta still irritates my skin.  Combined with the lack of sleep and zero workouts, my skin was not happy.

+ Madness at Magic Kingdom. 

20160922_202100every fucking time during the fireworks/electric parade.  And this is only at the front; there are a billion more people behind us.  

There's more but I no longer feel like typing.  Suffice to say, we had a great time but I'm happy to be home and back to my routine. 

This morning, both my husband and I left early for the gym and did an extra hour of exercise just because it felt so good to sweat and get our muscles moving.  I spent most of today running errands and in the kitchen meal prepping and relaxing so I can do nothing but chill during my 3 days before I have to head back to work.


Hope you had a great week!


Friday Thangs [9-16]


I woke up today like this because guess what?  this bitch is on vacation until Sept 28! 



That's right, folks! tomorrow we leave for this place:


we'll be wandering around here for 2 days, exploring all there is to Harry Potter World:

And unless I find anything in Orlando for under $40, no shopping will be done since our dollar sucks which I'm not mad about since I hate spending money anyway.


I'm almost packed and ready to go; today is Final Packing Daywhen I dump all the contents out of my suitcase and actually pack them while crossing the item off my list.  If you must know, I have a "system" when I pack - first round is when I throw whatever is on the list  into the suitcase (or it's placed beside it) and those items are checked off the list.  On the day before we leave, everything gets dumped out only to be actually packed into the suitcase and then that item is crossed off the list as an indicator that "ep, it's in there".  One final review once the suitcase is closed is done to ensure that nothing is forgotten...then I can breathe a sigh of relief that I haven't forgotten anything because the worst feeling is wondering "did I forget something?".  


2 things that are making me rage right now:

1) the last package of stickers I ordered has not arrived yet. It was shipped on Aug 28 and it's still not here. WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG? a package coming from the UK got here in a week, you're telling me it takes nearly 2 weeks to mail something from Oklahoma?

2) my library book - the Salt of the Seas.  Of course, the book that I really want to take on vacation hasn't arrived yet, even though it's been "in transit" for 2 days now...and I bet it'll come the second we arrive at the airport.


Funnies:  Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 8.08.13 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 8.07.25 PM Lazy Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 8.59.35 AM

Me, when reading my last three books: Book meme


Have a great week! 


You know you're old when....


... outdoor noise past 7pm annoys the hell out of you. Yes, this even applies on weekends and holidays.


... it takes you a while to recover from a late night out/lots of drinking and let's be real here, it's not so much a hangover than a near-death experience.  When we went to the wedding last week, it took me 4 days to recover from being out till 1am and not getting to bed by 230am. FOUR DAYS....and I wasn't even hung over.


...  when friends invite you to dinner at 8pm, you get irrationally angry and wonder why it doesn't start at 530pm. Then you try to convince them to change it to 530pm because doesn't everyone eat dinner at 530pm? 


... Your "going out" hours are between 4pm-8pm; and even 8pm is stretching it. Anything later than that will jeopardize your old lady bedtime so you decline the invitation.




... the only way people actually get you to go out is right after work because once you get home, nothing will make you leave. 



... You look forward to two things on a regular basis: sleep and your daily dump. 


... You carry an ugly reusable bag for no reason other than it carries shit that won't fit into your purse. You give zero fucks that it doesn't match anything.... and if you really look inside that bag, it carries nothing of significance or importance; it just feels right. 


... You bring flip flops whenever you're forced to wear treacherous things like heels to a party.  Then you put on said flip flops the second you're seated and kick those heinous heels to the corner where they belong.


... The kind of shorts you wear hits right above the knee because anything higher than that makes you feel exposed.



... You think 8am is "sleeping in" and by that, you actually mean 7am. Ok, 6am.




Never be afraid to stand up for yourself


It's been a while since I've had to stand my ground at work.  I've been at this company for the most part of 16 years and the only time I've had to do this was back in 2002; when my awesome director took another position in a different sector of the company and some misogynistic dillhole took his place and basically treated all women like second class citizens. 

Being in IT since graduation, it's mostly been a male-dominated industry, especially during the 90s dotcom boom when it was rare to see a woman in a tech role.  The vast majority of men assumed women in the tech sector were "secretaries", disregarded and/or overlooked their opinions and women had to show their claws and basically be a bitch just to be heard.  Such workplace battle tactics don't come without nasty connotations; whenever I had make myself heard, I was labelled as "a bitch".  When I got angry at some arrogant, sexist pig because of the rude comments or behaviour, I couldn't be mad at the fact that he was rude - my anger always came stapled with "oh, you must be on your period" or "are you PMSing?". Why couldn't I just be mad at the fact that they were being sexist assholes? Why did my anger have to stem from my hormones?



Fortunately, more women have been entering the IT world and I'm happy to see females in positions of power (executives) and because of this, because of the decline of the whole "boys club" nonsense in IT,  I haven't had to face that type of stand-off for over a decade so you can image my surprise when it happened this week.....basically, it felt as though a team member on my project expected me to do what is his work because he was "too busy".

Um, news flash - we're all busy.  Don't even tell me you can't spare 15 minutes to put a draft status together?

Let me be clear here - I fully believe in doing everything and anything required for the success of a project.  Even if that means wearing multiple hats, doing work that is not in my "job description" and helping out my team mates with  their work  if they're really busy.   I have done that on every project and I'm the last person anyone would call "lazy".  What I don't stand for is laziness, dumping work on others because you feel it's "beneath you", you're too lazy to do it or you just don't want to.

So I put my foot down. 

What surprised me the most is that this guy is really cool; he knows his shit. I don't like many work humans but I actually like him so having a confrontation like this, with him, was a little weird.

Over the course last week, he had been repeatedly trying to get me to do his work. My responses each and every time he tried:

"are your fingers broken? no? then you can type".

"bro, we're all busy.  I'm sure you can spare 10 minutes to do this. Look, you just spent 10 minutes here talking to me so you can't be that busy".  (Not kidding about calling him "Bro" either).

"Oh, I just sent you the most recent version. All you need to do is update the slides".

"you keep using the word "we".  You know by "we" it's really YOU and not ME, right?".

"Why are we having this conversation again?  that other document is my jam; this one is NOT MY JAM. IT'S YOURS".


The last straw was this afternoon when he came up to me again (!) and tried to "tell" me what to do. FUCK NO.  Unless you're the director, you don't "tell" me shit.  So I let him speak and then straight up told him "nope, not going to happen".  We had back and forth about roles and I said "buddy - I'm the analyst here, NOT the project manager -- that's YOU. Do we need to talk about roles here? because I think we should".  He left in a huff; I knew he was pissed but wouldn't admit it. I was hella annoyed.  

He eventually came to my desk again and asked to speak with me in private so I looked him dead in the eye and told him the following:

1) I'm all for doing whatever it takes to make the project succeed but I am NOT a dumping ground for work that people don't want to do.

2) It seemed that every time it required him to sit down and put pen to paper, I was asked to do it. I have no problem doing it but this is a SHARED EFFORT and it seems that the only person doing anything around here, is me.  

3) Why must I tell him what he needs to do? I am not going to be coddling him during this process so he needs to figure it out fast.

4) Since there's no PM yet, we all have to SHARE THE EFFORT of the PM work that needs to be done...this does not mean that Kathy will do it all and he just "reviews" it -NO. If it means he throws in a few bullets/paragraphs into a document, THEN HE IS TO DO IT; then we can all review it together and I'll put in my thoughts etc....We all have to do our share.


Anyway, I made myself clear during that chat. He went back to his desk and did the work.

My point - do not let anyone push you around at work (or anywhere, for that matter).  Stand your ground. You know what you're capable of and there will always be people who will try and dump their shit on you. Do not stand for that.

Was I worried that he might talk to the director? no, and if he did, I still wouldn't be concerned.  My director, and every person on every project I've ever worked with in this company, knows that I do whatever it takes to successfully deliver a project so for me to do this, there has to be a legit reason and I think not letting someone dump their crap on me is a good one.


September's edition of Major Book Boners




Although this month was a little light on the book-reading, I read two fucking amazing books that made me ignore everything, including workouts...and I never skip workouts so you know these book recos are legit.  Add to the "in your face READ THIS NOW" blog banner, you can tell I mean bidness.



The Underground Railroad - 5/5.

I've never liked reading books about slavery because it's a reminder of how awful humanity can be but I couldn't resist the rave reviews of this book....and it didn't disappoint.

Cora is a young slave living on the vicious Randall plantation, dreaming of the day she can finally escape the chains of slavery. When she's had enough of the suffering at the hands of her master, she decides to flee to the underground railroad with her new friend, Caesar; together they navigate their way through the complex secret network of the railroad with a slave catcher at their heels.

This book kept me up, kept me turning the pages, kept me hoping and praying that Cora and her friends would succeed in their escape to freedom.  



Book 2The One Man - 5/5.

If I could give more than 5 stars on Goodreads, I would give this a 20; that's how incredible this book was.  It's one of those books where each page fills you with emotion, angst and anxiety and you don't want to read more for fear of finding out what happens but you have to read it because you must know but you don't want to.  Anyone ever get that feeling? just me? 

But this book...THIS BOOK. Holy shit, this book.  It's heart-wrenching, heart-felt, awful in nature but also uplifting for the courage within each of the characters. I hated and loved this book at the same time; hated it due to the subject at heart but loved it for the strength and courage of the characters, for the amazing story the author created. One moment I'd be rushing through the words to know what was going to happen and the next, I'd be re-reading that same paragraph slowly so I could commit those words to memory. The characters made me angry, made me shout YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOT!, made me cry, made me want to climb into the book and save them all.

I even read the Epilogue and Author's Notes - shit I never do - because I didn't want this book to end; that's how amazing this book is.  

And now I'll do what I always do when I love a book by a new author - stalk the shit out of everything he's written, hoping that they'll be just as good as this one.


I plan to get right back on the reading train during my vacay in Florida next week and will do so with the following books in the queue:


Defending JacobNo Way BackOrdinary GraceReckless


What have you read lately?



A weekend of love & happiness





Short and sweet this recap will be since I can barely tear myself away from my book.


1// headed to Niagara on the Lake to attend my trainer's wedding.  It was held at a gorgeous winery (!!) and everyone looked fantastic. The food was amazing, the bride and groom looked amazing and everyone had a great night.



2// the next day was our 12th wedding anniversary! Coincidentally, my husband booked the restaurant that catered the wedding so when we discovered the caterer's name, we knew we were in for a delicious lunch.  Bonus: when the server (who also served us at the wedding) found out it was our anniversary, free bubbly!

20160910_203438 20160911_111635

20160911_121549 20160911_121937


3//  I'm under the gun to finish this book by today which won't be a problem since it's fucking amazing; as in so amazing I'm going to recommend it to my SVP at work (we have a strong book relationship, yo).




4// Packing starts today for our our last vacation of the year!  on Saturday, we head off to Orlando, Florida to Universal Studios. I'll be heading off to the library to grab a few books, transferring money to get some USD, scheduling all post-dated bill payments and a bunch of other errands of which you care none.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!



More Planner Jizz - binder system vs ring-bound.




Last year I finally told my inner cheap chinawoman to STFU and treated myself to a Plum Planner and even though the shipping fees made me irrationally angry, I ignored that and ordered it anyway.  I went with the vertical layout, thinking it would be much easier to use but turned out I was wrong - I quickly realized that the columns were too narrow for my writing and for some reason, it annoyed me that I had to continue writing on the line(s) below for a single task.  Call me anal but I like each line to represent a single task....which brings me to another irritation -- all that leftover space with all the empty lines.  It drove me crazy and I felt this weird pressure to fill it up (click here for the review). 


As you can tell, I stopped caring about how it looked and no longer applied any stationary or washi anything to a planner that I started to loathe but I couldn't bear to throw it out until I got closer to the end of the year.

Finally, August rolled around which meant I only had 2 more months left of that blasted planner and it was time to start researching a new one.  I knew what I didn't like:

  • narrow/vertical columns
  • inability to add more pages when I wanted/needed to
  • having to rely on post-it notes since I didn't have a place to track bills to pay, fitness jazz etc.


.....which is why for my 2017 planner, I decided to try out a binder system.  I have to say, binder planners have come a long way.  Gone are the days of the old school clunky, strictly business, not fun at all Filofax when they only came in an ugly red or black colour and boring as fuck inserts.  Now there are many to choose from: Kikki K, Franklin Covey, Marion Smith, Day Runner, Doki Book, Carpe Diem and even Michaels has gotten into the Planner game by offering their very own Recollections medium-sized planners and custom inserts. 

The Kikki K designs piqued my interest so when I went onto that site, I fell in love with the look and design but not the price. I mean, how could I justify spending nearly $100USD on a planner?  If I had trouble pulling the trigger on a Plum planner which cost me $51USD, you could imagine the inner turmoil I had with the Kikki K planner.  

After much humming and hawing, I bought the Medium Kikki K Pause planner.  How I rationalized the initial expensive cost:  1) it's real leather and 2) I'll save money in the long run since I'll be making all of my inserts/everything I need.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 2.22.57 PM


The inserts that comes with all Kikki K planners suck ass. Not only does it come with inserts for which I have no use (just notes, meeting notes and a some bullshit monthly calendar), the paper is so thin and awful you can blow your nose with them so I decided to make my own.  I found a great site that offers free templates you can modify to your liking so I spent a lot of time changing the templates to create the inserts I needed.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I ended up buying a larger Kikki K (for a great deal) from that blasted Facebook Planner page.  This is the Mint Kikki K perforated planner (that is no longer offered via Kikki K).



The A5 size compared to the Medium is a pretty significant change:

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 3.10.34 PM


and comparing to the Plum planner:

Plum k

the sizes between the two are comparable; it's the cover of the Kikki K that makes it seem larger but the actual inserts inside are basically the same size as Plum pages.  I read that some people order unbound Plum pages to put inside the Kikki K but I don't see a point to that since you're basically paying for another planner.


Planner compare

Here's a little chart I put together comparing both planner types:Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 3.41.38 PM


My thoughts on binder planners - I love them!  The flexibility that binder planners offer is what I love most.  For example, I needed an extra pocket to hold stuff so I made some out of card stock. Then a few days later, I wanted to start tracking my food so I can hit one of my September goals so I created food/fitness journal inserts. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this if I had ordered a ring-bound planner.



I created this Bill Tracker insert because I like listing out my regular monthly expenses and when they're due.  On the back page is a "Notes" section in case I need to jot down any bill/payment notes (ie. confirmation numbers etc).

Bill tracker



This site has fantastic designs for A5 planners and best of all, they're free to download and use. It's where I got my monthly calendar on 2 pages:



My food/fitness/hydration inserts.  My first design was a week on a single page but that was too cramped so I decided to do half the week on the front page and the remainder of the week on the back.  After a few prototypes, I finally designed one that works for me.  

Fitness journal



I wanted a page marker to quickly and easily flip to the current week but didn't want to buy one.... so you know the semi-transparent plastic protective cover the Plum planner comes with? I used that, cut it to size, added some washi, punched holes and cut in the slits and voila! page marker for $0.  

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 4.37.48 PM


Sprinkled between my weekly pages and throughout my planner/bullet journal are blank "Notes" pages where I jot down ideas or things that I need to do.  I basically put my life in this thing and I love that I can easily swap out pages or move things around when I need to.  


Do you have a planner? which one and have you ever tried a binder system?


September Goals


Goals{photo credit}


1/ Possible entry into the November Muay thai tournament.  First the tournament was on, then it was off, now it's back on but on a different date and at a different venue.  We have 3 people entering the tournament; one of them a good friend of mine and I couldn't be more proud...but that also motivates me to want to enter, too.  I'm a competitive person and I'll admit that seeing them get focused training, even during our group classes, chaps my ass.  Yeah, I said it.  The one thing stopping me from jumping in with both feet:  the fact that my whole left side - left wrist and ankle - hurts like fuck after every class.  The left wrist has been problematic for nearly a year, my left ankle tenderness/soreness has been a recent thing.  At first, I thought the pain in my foot/ankle area might be plantar fasciitis (my friend was complaining about hers) but after speaking with my TCD, turns out it's just old age and wear and tear #oldpeopleproblems.     

With that said, I'm going to (1) hit up a sports doc (or physio?) to find out what the hell is actually wrong with my wrist/ankle and get actual medical clearance (2) find out about the training schedule and how/if we can even train around my two high-risk injury-prone areas (3) talk to my director to confirm that there aren't any deployments going on in November.  I recently got put on another project that is pretty fast-paced and they want to get to market asap so who knows what that schedule will be for the remainder of the year.


2/ Get down to fighting weight.  Although I'm not officially in the tournament, fighting weight for me is 118/119 lbs.  I usually hover between 125-130lbs so losing another 10-12 pounds or so is going to be hard because (1) I haven't been that weight since grade 11 (2) I eat healthy and workout hard 6 days a week, what fucking more can I do?!?.

I'm not even sure why I'm going to torture myself like this but if I decide to go into the tournament, at least I'll have been dropping weight naturally instead of wearing those sweat suits and trying to dehydrate down to fighting weight.  My program started on Tuesday so on Monday night, we had indian food and lots of wine.  I think my husband is also on a program to cut a few pounds for a cycling race so we both had one last hoopla before the torture our program started.  

With that said, I've started tracking my eating again.  Not to say that I've totally gone off the rails and I do follow the 90/10 rule for the most part but in the last 2 months, I've been eating the fuck out of that 10% more often.... most of that being wine and experimenting with healthy dessert baking. Note to self - healthier, grain-free desserts doesn't mean stuff all of them in your mouth errday.

But yes, I've started tracking my eating again.  Doing this makes me 100% aware of what I'm eating and what I shouldn't eat; it's like a virtual trainer always watching my back so I watch what I put in my mouth.  My starting weight on Tuesday was 131 (! <-- thanks, wine) and yesterday was 129.  That goes to show that proper eating (sticking to your caloric intake) and zero wine (*insert weeping here*) really does make a difference, especially when you're an old hag like me.

20160906_120125yesterday's lunch was hella boring. BBQ chicken minus my usual ketchup, no butter in the mashed potatoes and plain cherry tomatoes. Not pictured: 1/2 avocado for healthy fats.



3/ Bullet Journaling.  I'm going to give this a shot.  I've heard of bullet journaling for a while now but when I heard the word "journal", I thought of a Dear Diary sort of thing and my days of writing my angst-filled teenage feelings are over.  Bullet journaling isn't about that (or it could be -- up to you); it's about tracking your day, jotting down your thoughts, your goals, your to-do lists, things you need etc .... but isn't that called 'planning'?  Whatever it's called, I like it, it's fun and it keeps me organized.

When I got my bigger (A5) Kikki K planner in the mail, I started using that as my bullet journal only because I have 2016 inserts that Michael sent me and I'm not one to let things go to waste so I switched to the A5 planner and will save my other one for 2017.  Also, variety.  Another bonus for switching to a binder system - I'm not stuck to it since I can create my own inserts.

Over the past few days, I've DIY'd the hell out of it (since I'm way too cheap to buy inserts/dividers and I have the supplies so why not) which includes full monthly calendars, food/fitness journal inserts (for Goal #2), dividers, a page marker, pockets etc...basically I've been totally feeding my crafting boner and I love every minute.




4/ Run regularly.  I'm sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to running.  I need to do it for (muay thai cardio) training but then my body hates me for it.  I think I've fixed my knee issue (muscular imbalance but a few weeks of ham/glute training fixed that) but man, my left ankle is sore as hell after my runs.  I've also noticed that if I don't stretch or cool down properly, I have this tight knot in my right lower back. It sucks to be old. 

At first I thought it might be my runners causing my ankle problems since it seemed to appear when I started running but I switched to my indoor shoes (which is the exact pair as my (old) runners but only used for weight lifting so very little impact on them) and yep, still a bit sore...although I'm not as sore so who knows, maybe it is my shoes and I need a brand new pair?.  

While running is vile and loathesome, I actually don't mind it and I find that once I get into my stride, I actually like it.  How did that happen?  I've been running on the treadmill to ease the joint pain but what I really think I need to do is go to a run clinic so they can tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong (gait, over/under pronation etc) and convince me that I need to spend eleventy billion dollars all of their gear.

Still, I'll continue to run but be mindful of how I run and how long.  I obviously can't bro out and run long distance right off the bat so I've been going slowly and increasing each run by a kilometer.  Yesterday I meant to do 5K but ended up doing 6 because ahole bro and I hit a great stride.


5/ Start sparring again.  I used to spar every Tuesday with the group but have stopped because when I do this, I don't get home until 10pm and I'm so charged up from all the punching and kicking that I can't fall asleep until close to 1am.  You all know that doesn't bode well for my old lady bedtime but if Goal #1 is going to happen, I need to get back to sparring with different people other than my trainer (which is on Fridays).  Sometimes I don't like Tuesday sparring because some of the bigger guys spar and when lil' 5'3 me goes up against 6'2, 200lbs guys, it's hard to do anything because that's like sparring with a tree.


what are your September goals?




The first weekend in September.


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.29.15 AM


Welp, it's September.  How did that happen so fast?  The stores are already all over Halloween and Christmas decorations so it'll be 2017 by the time we know it.  Time needs to calm its tits and slow the fuck down.

Summer is still hanging around in my neck of the woods - which is a first for us since we're usually the ones having a snow storm right about now - and it's going to be a sizzler this week and I'm not mad about it.  We've had such a fantastic summer, I don't want it to end. I want to keep wearing flip flop and shorts for as long as the weather will let me. 

That doesn't mean I'm not making fall-type things...this weekend as I was looking for something in my pantry, I came across a can of pumpkin puree that was set to expire in a few days so that kicked off my pumpkin baking spree.  I hadn't bought canned anything in a long time but I'm also not one to waste food and even though it pained me to eat canned puree, I baked with it (grain free bread and cookies) so those are now being stored in my freezer for future use.


Back to school means our annual mother and daughter pamper sesh!  This year, Kayla got a mani/pedi and at the age of 8, the girl already knows how to treat herself.



We always head over to the salon to get our hair and nails done, followed by lunch. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.33.19 AM

Today, everyone is off to the first day of school except Kayla - she came down with a fever Sunday evening right after our back to school pamper sesh and shopping....as in the second we got to the car, her mood went down and her temperature went up that stuck around until yesterday.  As the school rules go - fever = no school.  Luckily I already had the day off but girlfriend is missing the first day of school!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.38.17 AM


In muay thai news, I've been thinking a lot about the tournament. I initially said no due to my injury-prone left wrist and ankle but if there's a way to train around that (not sure how?) I think I will enter.  A lot is riding on the training schedule - I'll have to find out the frequency/intensity of fight camp, talk to my husband (as this will affect his cycling schedule) and I'll have to figure things out with work since that will also be impacted; namely I have to make sure that there aren't any deployments going on in October/November.  More to come with this.


This came in the mail for me on Friday and I spent lots of time molesting looking at it/making everything I need.  I think I'm going to use this as my bullet journal; I've heard lots about that and how calming it cane be and since I enjoy spending time planning out my week, might as well give this a go.  Bullet journals are like planners/diaries/to-do lists all wrapped into one....which means I'm going to have to cut some blank (lined) inserts to jot down my thoughts/ideas.



 Hope everyone had a good long weekend. 



5 things I don't do anymore.


Friday thangs


1/ Wear makeup.  Let me rephrase that - I wear the minimum amount (just eyeliner and a bit of under eye concealer) so that I don't look like something that crawled out of a crypt.  I used to wear foundation, powder, blush etc etc but I've since thrown all of that away and I haven't worn that shit in years.  I'll be honest and admit that my skin is better for it because all of those chemicals sitting on your skin for 8+hrs a day, every day, can't be good.


2/ Go out late.  A friend sent out her birthday invitation and when I read that it started at 930pm (!!!!), I emailed back and asked if she really meant 930pm; as if by some mistake, she really meant 6pm.  But nope, it starts at 930pm and let's be real here - bitches are going to be late so this thing really won't start until closer to 1030pm which means it's going to be a hella long, late night.  I actually organized a dinner for her the night before this big hoopla so I think it's safe for me to bail on this one, right? (I already replied a big fat No because old lady bedtime).


3/ Thrill rides.  This year's trip to the CNE put the nail in that coffin.  When I was younger, I was all about the thrill rides; the faster or higher the rollercoaster went, the better.  Now I can barely handle those swing rides and anything that spins? no thank you.  Instead of picturing the fun I'll have, I picture myself either hurling or getting thrown into a building and dying.  



4/ Be social.  I find that as I get older, I become more of an introvert.  Is there such a thing as a partial introvert? I mean, I like being around people but only when I want to be around people and then I have to retreat back to the quietness where I can be alone and recover from being around people.


5/ Spend stupidly.  I used to drop ridiculous amounts of cash on purses, designer jeans and cool kicks. Now? I don't even look at anything designer.  Hell, I'll complain if a shirt costs $20 because that's just way too expensive for a shirt.  Planner/stationary things or skin care are of course exempt from this rule, duh.


What are some things you no longer do?


Have a great weekend!